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Social Signals – How Important Are They?

Google have previously stated that “Social Signals” are not an active part of their ranking algorithms. However you will probably be aware that social has become an increasingly important aspect of most digital marketing and SEO strategies.  The reason being is that it is known that social has the power to drive traffic, both via paid channels and organically. So the question is exactly what impact do social signals have on search engine optimization.

Increased Traffic

Google Likes to see traffic originating from social signals. Social signals tell Google that your website is being talked about, but its when these social signals, tweets and likes, change to social shares that the real value is potentially realized. Basically if you have good content people will share and possibly link to that content


The Social software company Shareaholic has suggested that the 8 top social networks drove almost 40% of traffic to websites. One thing is for sure,  Facebook is booming, so if you’re looking for alternative sources of traffic, that’s where your time and resources would be well spent.


Social Link Building

Its clear that links from social channels do not carry the same weight as an editorial link for example. Today authority link building is probably one of the most important aspects of any SEO strategy. Natural links will always matter, even as they become more difficult to earn and leverage. Having said that do not  underestimate or dismiss the inherent authority of social links from trusted platforms like Facebook and Twitter as they can be leveraged to your advantage, improving visibility and traffic.


To make the most of these kind of links it is always a good idea to ensure that your linked pages are coded to track and monitor any incoming traffic. Likewise make sure that your social platforms and profiles are well linked back to your website. It all helps

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Essential Elements to Add to your eCommerce Website

5 Essential Elements to Add to your eCommerce Website

Let’s take a look at the 5 essential elements that will boost your conversion rates and revenues, and make your eCommerce website an immersive online shopping experience.

Here’s what you need to know:

Immersive Mobile Shopping Experience
Research reveals that nearly 55% of the online shoppers shop on smartphone devices, therefore, it is crucial to provide them an immersive, mobile-friendly experience. This will require you to make sure all the various functions, particularly the checkout cart, work flawlessly well on mobile devices, along with making mobile navigation easy and efficient.

The mobile version of your eCommerce website must be simple and obvious, with clear call to action buttons to avoid complexities. Also, make sure that the image quality is excellent, and include images for retina display as well.

Prominent & Attractive Call to Action Buttons
Needless to say, the Call to Action buttons are the most essential element of any eCommerce website, and you need to design them with special attention to the sizes, colour schemes and placements.

These call to action buttons have a very detrimental effect on the psyche and decision-making prowess of the shoppers, and you can influence various cultural and ethnic sentiments with the right colours, symbols and even fonts. The key is to focus on creating a colour scheme that invokes positive emotion and commands attention.

Winning Trust with Reviews & Testimonials
Product reviews and customer testimonials are one of the leading eCommerce trends that influence buying decisions across all social media platforms, particularly Twitter and Facebook. Even though having a reviews section on your product page tends to expose your products to the drawback of garnering negative reviews, it is a major element that serves as a crucial building block of a reliable and trustworthy image.

You can always tackle the negative review with smart marketing strategy and savvy problem solving skills. And the positive reviews will help you assure your potential shoppers that your products are indeed worth their money. You can also ask all the customers to rate helpful reviews to boost credibility.

Concise yet Comprehensive Product Descriptions
Make sure that you do not withhold any important facts and features about the products from your potential shoppers, because regardless of how appealing the images are, the shopper needs to know about the quality and materials he/she will pay for. So, examine all the products closely and mention all the relevant details to show the shoppers that you want them to make informed and efficient buying decisions.

Easy & Simple Checkout
Research reveals that nearly 67% customers leave the website if the checkout process is overly complicated or awfully designed. On the other hand, a simple, functional and trust-evoking checkout experience can boost your conversion rates tremendously. The trick is to have a big checkout button that is fast loading combined with an easy cart editing process.

Make sure that there are no hidden costs revealed at the time of checkout, along with showing all the shipping items and charges clearly. The product images in the cart must be clearly visible, along with easy access to customer support if needed. The cart should be simple, easy and free of clutter.

Written and Researched by Hua Hin Web Design

Have you really been hacked?

Have you really been hacked?

If you suspect you have been hacked, first make sure that you HAVE actually been hacked. We sometimes get panicked site administrators contacting us thinking they’ve been hacked when their site is just misbehaving or they are seeing spammy comments and can’t tell the difference between that and a hack.

Your site has been hacked if:

  • You are seeing spam appearing in your site header or footer that contains adverts for things like pornography, drugs, illegal services etc. Often it will be injected into your page content without any thought for presentation, so it might appear as dark text on a dark background and not be very visible to human eyes (but the search engines can see it)
  • You do a (replace with your site) search on Google and you see pages or content that you don’t recognize and that looks malicious.
  • You receive reports from your users that they are being redirected to a malicious or spammy website. Pay special attention to these because many hacks will detect that you are the site administrator and not show you anything spammy but will only show spam to your visitors or to the search engine crawlers.
  • You receive a report from your hosting provider that your website is doing something malicious or spammy. For example, if your host tells you that they are getting reports of spam email that contains a link to your website, this may mean you have been hacked. What the hackers are doing in this case is sending spam from somewhere and using your website as a link to redirect people to a website they own. They do this because including a link to your website will avoid spam filters while including a link to their own website will get caught in spam filters.
  • Wordfence detects many of these problems and a lot that I haven’t mentioned here, so pay attention to our alerts and respond accordingly.

Back up your site right now. Here’s why:

Once you’ve ascertained that you’ve been hacked, back up your site immediately. Use FTP, your hosting provider’s backup system or a backup plugin to download a copy of your entire website. The reason you need to do this is because many hosting providers will immediately delete your entire site if you report that it has been hacked or if they detect this. Sounds crazy, but this is standard procedure in some cases to prevent other systems on their network from getting infected.

Make sure you also back up your website database. Backing up your files and database should be your first priority. Get this done, then you can safely move on to the next step of cleaning your site comfortable with the knowledge that at least you have a copy of your hacked site and you won’t lose everything.

Things you should know before cleaning a WordPress site that has been hacked:

Here are the rules of the road when cleaning your site:

  • You can usually delete anything in the wp-content/plugins/ directory and you won’t lose data or break your site. The reason is because these are plugin files that you can reinstall and WordPress will automatically detect if you’ve deleted a plugin and will disable it. Just make sure to delete entire directories in wp-content/plugins and not just individual files. 
  • You usually only have one theme directory that is used for your site in the wp-content/themes directory. If you know which one this is you can delete all other theme directories. Beware if you have a “child theme” you may be using two directories in wp-content/themes – although this is rare.
  • The wp-admin and wp-includes directories very rarely have new files added to them. So if you find anything new in those directories it has a high probability of being malicious.
  • Watch out for old WordPress installations and backups. We often see sites infected where someone says “But I kept my site up-to-date and had a security plugin installed so why did I get hacked”. What sometimes happens is you or a developer will back-up a copy of all your site files into a subdirectory like ‘old/’ that is accessible from the web. This backup is not maintained and even though your main site is secure, a hacker can get in there, infect it and access your main site from the backdoor they planted. So never leave old WordPress installations lying around and if you do get hacked, check those first because it’s likely they are full of malware.

Why Your Business Needs Web Development and Web Design Services

Why Your Business Needs Web Development and Web Design Services

You’re probably aware of how important a website is to businesses these days. Think of websites as the first point of contact to most users, much like a physical storefront. They have to be functional and beautiful while meeting customer needs. How do you do that? With great web design and development services, of course.

First things first, you need to decide exactly what kind of web-design services your business will best benefit from. Not all businesses are created equally and that means that the services you may need are likely to be different than what another company needs. Your professional web-design company should have a lineup of impactful services that’ll make you stand out from the competition. Here are 4 web design services you need for your business:

  1. Web design and development
    Web-design services need to start with the actual design and development of a website. It only takes 0.05 seconds for users to judge a website, so this means that you need to delight your users right away. Your web page design needs to not only showcase your business’s values and offerings, but also make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. A good online experience could mean repeat customers and strong relationships.
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO)
    If you think just making a gorgeous website is all you need to succeed online, we’ve got some bad news. You not only need to design a great website, but it also needs to be easy to find. SEO, search engine optimization, makes this possible by translating what your website is about to search-engine robots who then match you with searching users. It’s all about making connections between what users are looking for and your website. Professional web-development companies will know the right search engine optimization techniques to use for your specific business.
  3. Branding and graphic design
    Branding remains an essential part of a company’s perception. Without good branding elements, users will likely forget all about you. Graphic design, especially a logo, goes hand in hand with branding. It’s the face of a business. Having graphic design included in your web-design services is important for consistency and brand awareness throughout the website.
  4. Copywriting and strategic messaging
    Crafting compelling copy that’s fresh and relevant is hard to do. You need to make sure the message aligns with your company’s ideals and brand tone while being understandable to your audience. The right strategic messaging and copywriting should bring users to your website and move them through until they’re committed customers. Don’t worry, many professional web design companies have expert writers on staff that will help you do this.

Whether you’re looking to build your first website or update an existing one, consider making these four web-design services a priority. Web design and web development, SEO, branding and graphic design, and copywriting and strategic messaging all have their place in creating a successful website. Remember, it’s not just about getting in front of users, it’s also about getting them to stay.

How will these web-design services increase my site traffic?

All of the services mentioned above are important when it comes to your website design. But how does the design and development of your website actually benefit you? Can good web-design really bring you more business? Will this investment help to increase your web traffic? These are all great, and reasonable, questions for any business owner to ask.

A new, flashy website with all the latest bells and whistles means nothing if it doesn’t generate any traffic. And using expensive web-design services that don’t provide a return on investment certainly won’t help your bottom line. To create a website that generates traffic and increases your revenue, it’s imperative to use web-design services that have historically produced the type of results you’re looking for. David Taylor Design knows all of the web-design services in and outs. We’ll build your website from the ground up—making sure no important traffic increasing or revenue generating features are left out. So how can good web-design services increase your traffic?

Mobile capability

The web-design and development world has changed rather recently. If you take a look around, you’ll immediately see why. People use their smartphones every second of the day. Long gone are the days when people get home from work and surf the web on their desktop or laptop. This means that the most important feature of your website is its ability to function across mobile platforms. Because David Taylor Design understands the web has and always will change with the times, we’ve invested time and money into a website design and development service that designs only mobile-friendly websites. Important features that you won’t miss out on include:

  • Easy viewing (no aggravating pinching and zooming)
  • Quick and effective information display (no excess scrolling)
  • Web page response to all screen sizes

These features combine to make your website user-friendly and easy to use. Your customers can pull up your site and navigate through it with no problems whatsoever. Of course, this translates to more time spent on your website, more traffic, and more revenue. If you compare your site to a non-mobile friendly site of one of your competitors, you’ll see the night-and-day difference. And keep in mind: Customers visit websites for everything (addresses, directions, prices, contact information, etc.) nowadays. Having a website that functions better than your competitors across mobile platforms is a traffic-and-revenue-generating machine.

Higher search rankings mean more traffic

It’s no secret that websites on the first page of search results generate the most traffic. Most web-design services will tell you how great it is to be on the first page, but not many will actually put you there. We are constantly evolving as a web-design company and understand how search engine optimization (SEO) works and how it constantly changes. First and foremost, we’ll create a website that targets your customers and meets all of your marketing and sales goals. Your site will naturally rank high—no tricks or gimmicks are needed. Your web page design will be unique and tasteful. Huge pictures and flashy text are not needed for your site to rank. In fact, these features actually can hurt your site’s ranking. With a professional web-design company you should receive weekly and monthly analytical reports that will show the rate at which your traffic is increasing. This increase in traffic will generate more leads turning into clients.

A website that functions across mobile platforms and naturally ranks high on search engines is the key to generating more traffic. This explains why web design and development are both so important for every business. Web design and web development truly go hand in hand when building a website. The design attracts visitors and the development of the site is what keeps them there and eventually turns them into customers, at least that should be the goal.

Think of the internet as your spotlight. It’s your time to shine, and without a great website, you’ll be lost in the crowd. That’s why you need to hire an exceptional web design team. But let’s not forget the web development piece. You might have heard the terms “design” and “development” floating around and wondered if they’re the same. They’re not. However, both need each other to create a fantastic site that showcases a business’s brand to the T.

An architect needs a builder like a web designer needs a developer, and vice versa. Their roles differ from each other, but they still need to work together to create something successful. So what’s the difference between web design and web development and why do they go together?

Web design vs. web development

  • Web design
    This focuses on what users see on the screen, which is also known as the front end. Designers concern themselves with the user experience. Navigation, user friendliness, and aesthetics all come into play. They worry about how users engage with a website and, in turn, with the brand. For instance, web design needs to balance a site’s layout using light and heavy elements equally. Otherwise, users might be overwhelmed or worse, underwhelmed.
  • Web development
    This focuses on the programming side of a website, also known as the back end. Developers take the static design and add special programming elements to guide the user throughout the site. They make sure everything works like links, content sliders, images, and buttons. Essentially, developers bring the blueprint design to life.

Now that you know the difference, it’s time to start looking for a web design firm that will fill your business’s online needs. Here are some tips on how to get started when looking for the best web design company for your business.

Hiring a great web design company

  • Understand what you want
    Figure out what your website needs, as this will be a key factor when choosing someone to work with. For example, if you want a website that’s simple and small, you can get away with hiring a professional designer with less focus on technology. However, if you want large amounts of content and interactivity, a larger team consisting of both designers and developers will be better.
  • Look at experience
    Once you start looking at developers, designers, or both, take a second to peruse their portfolios and case studies. Have they worked on sites similar to yours? If not, but you still like what you see, don’t be afraid to reach out to them anyway. You should also try out their completed websites on different devices to make sure everything looks and works great.
  • Skip the small talk
    Once you’ve narrowed down the pool of candidates, get to know them better. Do they align with your company’s values and DNA? Do they respond in a timely manner? Excellent communication is valuable when working with a team, remote or otherwise. Ask them about past client relationships and how they handled any issues that came up. If they still communicate with these clients, that’s a good sign.

The blurred lines between web “design” and “development” might be confusing, but knowing the difference will give you a headstart. While you might find some “two birds, one stone” professionals out there, take the time to really do your research. Your business’s website design and development need to both effectively show off your brand in the best possible way. Finding a web design company that offers all the services you need and utilizing those services to really increase your web traffic is the best way to get the most for your investment.

Hua Hin Web Design’s web design and development services will create a website that does all of these things for you. We’ll work closely and carefully with you and your team members to make sure your website reflects your company’s mission, goals, and values. No stone will be left unturned. You will get the option of many different services, your web traffic will increase, revenue will be generated, and your return will be well worth your investment.

If you have any questions about web design and development services or would like to arrange a one-on-one consultation with one of our web experts, call us at 0999-102-103 or contact us today.

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Google Algorithms

Quality Pages & Web Page Signals – Google Ranking

Every year Google makes adjustments to its search algorithm. The majority are minor changes however they do occasionally roll out a major update which can affect search results in a significant way. Despite the fact that they almost certainly improve search engine optimization, rankings can often be significantly impacted. As such it is important to keep abreast of any possible changes.
Although Google are reluctant to disclose exact details and dates about such algorithmic updates, it is often known that an update has been made either because of a leak or volatility spikes in search results. One update that was of particular significance was an algorithm that specifically targeted  sites that lacked good E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust). Many sites saw a demotion in ranking as a result.
This is one of the most important factors that can determine your positioning in search results. As such a very good reason to develop high quality, unique content with authoritative back links.  You need to maintain a blog/pages that demonstrate expertise in a subject. Google published an extremely detailed guide on this subject which can be downloaded from here.
Below I detail what I understand are the main components to ensure conformity and increase your SEO ranking

Content on Page

A. The main content of any article should be prominently displayed and immediately recognizable. The terminology used for this is  “above the fold”
 In addition the nature of the content should be obvious .This is generally achieved through the page design, organization, use of space, as well as the choice of font, font size, background, etc.

Additional Page Content

Be careful that you do not distract visitors with ads and other peripheral content, either supplemental or sponsored. For example ads that float down across the content. In short it should be apparent what are ads and what is content either by explicit labeling or a clearly delineated design.It should however be made clear that monetization through adverts does not necessarily detract from the quality of page content. Indeed they can often contribute to a better overall visitor experience. Having said that it is important that you as a webmaster ensure that the quality of adverts displayed is good and in particular if they are being automatically posted to your page via an advertising network.

What Determines Quality Content?

(Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness E-A-T)
Expertise – If your site claims to be an authority on a particular subject ensure that the Author is indeed an expert in the topic. Formal qualification is not a requirement but experience or in depth knowledge is.
Authoritative – This is either based on recommendation by a known expert or an established reputation.
Trust – Look for on page trust signals such as detailed contact information, privacy policy, an about page etc. Note that your contact info should match the WHOIS data for your site. One trust signal of importance is references. I refer to any external links (Independent Sources) that support statements in the main article content.
I think it goes without saying that you should never copy content, hide content, fill the page with spam, or add deceptive links. You will be penalized. These are considered the lowest quality pages and will be reflected in your website’s ranking.